GUIDES CANINS’s  kennel can accommodate up to 20 dogs. Our runs are 4 ft .by 6 ft .and offer access to five large, fenced yards. We undertake to care for your dog and treat him with consideration and respect according to his needs. We will ensure your dog’s safety and well-being by providing him with a safe, sanitary, ventilated and climate-controlled environment. We will supervise your dog in an attentive, conscientious and competent manner. Follow us on Facebook!


We offer a 50% discount for a second dog belonging to the same family and staying in the same run.This price applies to all visitors, small breeds and large, and includes special care such as the administration of medication, walks in the woods and playtimes. 20% OFF for long stays (30 days and more), $29 taxes included.
*Plus tax totalling to $36.00. The first day is half price and the day of departure is full price.

To make the first reservation, please take a moment to fill out the form to help us complete your dog’s file. This important information will enable us to give your dog the appropriate care.   Subsequent reservations can be made by phone or email.

An automated email will confirm that the form has been received. We will need a copy of your dogs vaccination certificates to complete his/her file. You will receive another confirmation email with additional details one to two weeks prior to his/her stay.


Our Kennel has acquired all of the necessary operational permits from the City of Saint-Lazare and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec. Enclosures are made with ceramic tiles, the floor is covered in an isolated and anti-slip mat, the doors and the top of the separation walls are made of tempered glass and each enclosure has a window with a view of a yard. Each enclosure has its own assigned cupboard in order to store the personal belongings of each boarder. The kennel has its own kitchen in order to prepare meals; it also includes a fridge and a freezer, used to store homemade, canned or raw food. The ventilation system has a 1000cfm air exchanger that includes a Ultra-Violet ray air treatment system used to eliminate mold, bacteria, fungi, and spores along with a Ozone Generator to control and eliminate odors. Four Comfort Zone© DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) diffusers are installed and changed monthly to comfort and help manage the stress of our boarders. All of our outdoor yards are fenced with 6 foot fences and have a cement sidewalk and double doors to prevent any escaping. A closed circuit camera system enables the monitoring of the kennel and the outdoor yards. The Kennel is also connected to the central ADT system for fire alarms. We also have an intervention program with procedures that are established for emergencies and evacuations.

Ville de Saint Lazare Permit MAPAQ Permit


Boarded dogs must be in good health and must have received their routine vaccinations as per the schedule discussed and agreed on with their veterinarian.

Our guest also need to be vaccinated against Kennel Cough (Bordetella) with a subcutaneous vaccine a minimum of 10 days before their stay with a booster every year OR with an intranasal or oral vaccine a minimum of 10 days before their stay with a booster every 6 months.

We also strongly recommend that all our visitors be protected against fleas.


Your dog will be fed as needed based on his usual schedule, i.e. once, twice or three times daily or free fed. We will give him the food provided by you so as to avoid the problems associated with changing diet.

If ever your dog has a loss of appetite or has had digestive problems (most likely related to stress) during his/her stay, we will provide him/her with Royal Canin Veterinary Gastrointestinal© canned food or Iams Veterinary Formula Intestinal Plus Low-Residue© dry food to stimulate appetite or to control his/her diarrhea. The food used will be charged to the clients account and will be paid at the end of the stay. For dogs that have rather sensitive digestive systems, we strongly recommend that you bring Gastro Intestinal diet food with him/her. Please make sure discuss this with your Veterinarian.

We will also administer any dietary supplements or prescription medication. If your dog eats raw meat, we ask that you prepare his meals in advance in individual portions.

Your dog will be given a constant supply of water.


During his stay, your dog will enjoy a minimum of six (6) outings each day to stretch his legs and relieve himself.

Dogs with social skills will be let out together and will be able to play with their four-legged friends for a portion of the day, weather permitting.

Dogs who are more selective about their friends or who prefer human company over rambunctious encounters, such as small dogs or geriatric dogs, will enjoy daily walks on our trails.

What to Bring

  • Collar, leash
  • Usual food
  • Bed, blanket, cage if your dog prefers the privacy of his own home
  • Toys, bones or other personal items
  • Vaccination certificates

We’ll provide the bowls, cookies and lots of hugs and kisses!

Please be sure to identify all personal items: bed, blankets, towels and toys with personalized labels or directly on the item with a permanent marker. This way we will be sure not to lose them in the wash!

Additional Services

During his stay, your dog can receive a nail clipping, daily brushings or full grooming. Charges for these services apply over and above the boarding fee.

You may also take advantage of his stay to have him trained in obedience or agility to put some variety into his exercise or introduce him to a new sport. A charge of $60/hour is added to the boarding fee for such activities. You could also have your dog spend extra quality time with a human (playing ball, extra walks) for $10/15 minutes.

We also offer a transportation service from your home to our centre at a cost of $1,25/km.

Vacation Periods

During peak periods, i.e. the holiday season in December and summer vacation time, when the kennel is full or when reservations are for three days or less, dogs staying with us will be kept in large plastic crates, the kind used for transporting pets. These crates are 3 ft. x 4 ft. in size and can easily accommodate a Great Dane. They are set up in our training hall. The dogs using these crates are subject to the same meal times, walks and outdoor play sessions as those staying in our kennels. The price is the same as well. We can easily keep two small dogs from the same family together, however large dogs will have to be separated to ensure optimal comfort. You will be advised of the non-availability of kennel runs before being offered this option.

Cancellation policy

If a boarding booking is cancelled during Spring Break (end of February to mid March) during the Summer Vacation (June 20th to September 1st) or during any long weekends (Easter, Victoria Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving) without a 7 day notice, there will be a $65 penalty fee for the 1st dog and $35 for each of the other dog in the same family.

Reservation, payment and cancellation policy for the Holidays

For stays between December 20th and January 5th, reservations may be cancelled without penalty before the 1st of December. In addition, the full payment of the stay must be paid at the time of booking or before December 1st. Note that there will be no refund for cancelled or shortened stays.