The ultimate but certainly idealist goal of breeding is to produce a perfect dog. Of course, there are no perfect humans or perfect dogs! At Kihivas and Snow Valley, we strive to be responsible and ethical breeders. Our priority is to produce healthy dogs with excellent temperaments, within the standards of their breed, good workers and above all good canine citizens and best friends. Our dogs are primarily companions of life and families. They are then partners of canine sports and some are also breeding dogs. Our breeding dogs  are chosen according to their temperament, breed standards and are tested for the common diseases specific to their breed.

Puppies are born and raised in the house, in a family environment, socialized and  crate trained. The Kihivas and Snow Valley puppies enjoy an excellent start in their future active and sporting lives, worthy of the needs of their breeds. They are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, identified by microchip. They are dewormed, examined, vaccinated and evaluated. They have their natural tail and their dewclaws. They are guaranteed 36 months against malformation and hereditary diseases and behavioral problems. We offer lifetime support and commitment to our puppies and their owners. They are sold with a purchase contract, a non-breeding agreement and are sold $ 2000 (Vizslas),       $ 1,500 (Rat Terriers), $ 1,000 (Parson Russell Terriers), taxes included.

We have litters only occasionally. Our potential buyers are selected with care to allow the puppies to have the best possible families. We prefer experienced performance and work families (conformation, obedience, agility, hunting). However, we consider all the requests that come from active and prepared families. It is not uncommon to wait more than a year before realizing your dream of having a puppy. The majority of the time, the puppies are sold before they are even conceived!

Finding, selecting and approving a suitable home is an important part of our selection process. If you wish to be considered to become the new family of one of our puppies, please fill out this form. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

But before filling out our form … Did you ask yourself the following questions? Take time to think about it and answer it sincerely and frankly, as a family…

  • Are you familiar with our breed’s activity, training and grooming needs?
  • Is your family ready to welcome a puppy and invest time? If yes, it will change your life!
    • Are you ready to change your environment and puppy proof your house to make them safe for the puppy? (Include a crate in your family room decor, change open garbage cans for those who activate with a pedal, stow your shoes, have a fence installed …)
    • Are you ready to adjust your daily routine to include constant and vigilant supervision, daily walks, training and socialization?
    • Are you ready to arrange your free time to add an evening or a half-day weekend for classes, sports and canine activities?
    • Are you ready to harmonize your holidays and hobbies and choose destinations and activities where dogs are welcome?
    • Are your children over 6 years old? Puppies and toddlers require a lot of management! Parents! Do not think that your child, even the most responsible and dedicated, will ensure the need for care, exercise and training alone! You will need to actively participate!
    • You do not plan to start a family in the next year? You probably will not have time to reconcile new born baby and baby dog workout!
  • Are you financially prepared to cover the many expenses a dog incurs? And are you ready to face unpredictable spending? Accidents, medication, care.
  • Do you have realistic expectations about the puppy’s abilities and behaviors?

Please note that filling out this questionnaire does not guarantee that a puppy will be destined for you or require you to acquire a puppy from our breeding. We recognize that our breeds are not for everyone! Your honest and complete answers will help us determine if your family situation and expectations would be a good match with one of our puppies. If your family is approved, the information you provide will help us select the puppy that best meets your profile and expectations.

The receipt of the questionnaire will be confirmed instantly with an automated email. We will answer you personally as soon as possible. We will plan a telephone interview first and then schedule a visit.

We look forward to assisting you and fulfilling your expectations in your project to expand your family!