Let us teach you and entertain you!

GUIDES CANINS’ conferences are organized and structured based on the groups attending and the target audience. The content and duration are adapted to the guests’ specifications and needs. They are designed for people of all ages who want to learn more about their best friends!

Understanding the canine language

  • The dog’s capacity to learn
  • How to approach a dog
  • How to read a dog and recognize fearful or aggressive behaviours vs. a dog at ease
  • Bite prevention

Information on choosing a puppy

  • Choosing the right dog: A puppy or an adult? Purebred or mix?
  • Recognizing a good breeder
  • Selecting a puppy or adult dog based on your needs

Preventing and modifying behaviour problems

  • These days our dogs are unemployed-give them a job to do!
  • The problem with dogs: humans! Understanding normal behaviours.
  • Problem management = working on leadership
  • Using the available tools to manage problems (crate, halter, educational toys)
  • Prognosis

Using the Gentle Leader Headcollar

  • Canine principles
  • Philosophy and use of the Gentle Leader
  • Fitting, adjustment and use
  • Maintenance and weaning

Canine Sports

  • Relationship building and working your team!
  • Characteristics and canine athlete development
  • Importance of anatomy and conformation
  • Conditioning and fitness
  • What sports for which type of dog
  • Physical activity vs mental activity
  • Special needs cases: deafness, blindness, physical disabilities, etc.
  • Choosing a performance candidate
Price List
Daycares, schools, non-profit organizations No charge*
Other groups, professional associations, clubs $100.00 to $150.00/hour
+ travel, accommodations, meals
*preparation and travel fees could be charged