Rental Opportunities

Our buildings and grounds are available for rent. You can use our facilities and equipment for your practices or personal training sessions, or for holding social, educational and recreational activities with your canine club or dog fancier group.

Obedience Hall

Our obedience hall is 3,850 sq. ft. (37+X100 ft.) and is fully covered in non-slip rubber flooring. This multi-purpose room is equipped with chairs (80), tables (12), a projection screen, 2 complete sets of obedience jumps, a set of Rally-O signs and holders as well as 12 Flyball jumps.


Entire Hall $56/hour
1/2 Hall (40X30) $32/hour or $20/30 minutes

Agility Hall

Our agility hall is 6,500 sq. ft. (65X100 ft.) and is covered in artificial turf with a blend of crystallized coal dust and FlexSand® infill. It is equipped with a full set of AAC-approved agility equipment. The obstacle set up is changed every week according to our class plan. The equipment can be moved, but needs to be replaced within the rental time.

Entire Hall: $76/hour
1/2 Hall (65X50) $46/hour or $28/30 minute

Outdoor practice and competition rings

Our outdoors rings include: a 2 foot fenced Frisbee® trial ring (with no equipment) of 120X164 ft., 2 agility trial rings of 90X100 ft. (1 with a complete set of AAC equipment and 1 with a Jumpers set) and 3 complete agility practice rings with a 4 foot fence.

$25/hour or $15/30 minutes

Please note that it is also possible to rent the whole outside installation for special events. This rental includes access to our 3 competition rings, to 1 of our fenced in Agility practice rings, access to five km of trails, four toilets and two showers, and the use of our kitchen, tents, outdoor refrigerator, picnic tables and barbecue.

$10/adult participant/day, $5/kids (6 to 18y)/day


Availability of our facilities varies depends on our class schedules, competitions and other activities. Please contact us to discuss availabilities and to book your rental time.

For the Agility Hall, you will find the schedule on the Google Calendar.

Google Calendar
  • To ease the consultation of the calendar, make sure to put the Google Calendar into « week » mode (at the top right of the screen).
  • The colored areas are occupied by classes or rentals (which have priority over practice time.)
  • Some events occupy half of the hall. An “available” event is created when the other half of the hall is available for practice.
  • All other times of the calendar (in white) are available for practice.
  • Check the schedule often or at least before you decide to come incase rentals have been added or changed!
  • The practice is only available for dogs who are enrolled in classes. You must pay the appropriate access fee and sign the attendance sheet.
  • Please do not move the equipment around, or if you must, please be sure to place it back where it was when you arrived.

Enjoy your practice!

Please note that the rental does not give you access to our Trails. If you want to combine your training with a walk in the woods, you need to pay the access fees: