Grooming plays an important role in your best friend’s wellbeing and comfort. We offer a complete grooming service including bathing, brushing, clipping and styling, ear cleaning and nail clipping. All these services are provided in a brightly lit environment that’s well ventilated, safe and clean. We also offer a private consultation service to assist you with grooming techniques and needs that are specific to your dog, as well as seminars and practical workshops. In addition, we offer weekly nail clipping that includes filing.

Professional Groomer

Christine Lees has over 20 years of grooming experience, she is incredibly meticulous and artistic, and prefers to do one dog at a time. She always takes her time ensuring that every dog that leaves the grooming room looks show-worthy!

SOOS Products

Soos™ Dead Sea Spa Products For Pets is the first line of pet products in North America that is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and made with all natural ingredients like essential oils, vitamins and a variety of different plant extracts. The ingredients we use are sourced from the Dead Sea and are made with 12 essential vitamins that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Each product is specially crafted to pamper your pet while treating their specific needs. Our brand is built upon the promise of creating natural products that improve the lives of dogs and cats. We make natural shampoos, conditioners, finishing sprays, topical creams, mousse and remedies for chronic pain, wounds, hot spots, damaged paws, skin conditions, acne, allergies, shedding, hair loss & yeast.  We’re cruelty, SLS and paraben free. 

Professional service prices

We can’t say what it will cost to groom your dog. Too many factors come into play, such as the dog’s size, thickness and condition of his coat, his behaviour and experience with grooming, his age, the frequency of visits and even the style of clip you want.

An estimate will be given when you and your dog meet with the groomer.

Nail Cutting :
$10 or buy a card of 10 nail cutting for $80
Desensitization to Nail Cutting Card :
60$ for 5 nail trims – for the difficult dogs (training included)


Our schedule is flexible to adapt to yours. We can groom your dog during the day, the evening or on weekends, depending on your availability. You may accompany your dog or leave him in our capable hands!