Group Activities

Our group outings will keep you occupied and in physical and mental shape! They are great for socialisation, they get you out for fresh air, and they will enable your dog to keep a social active life!

No need to register and no commitment on your part. Simply come and join us when you are available. These outings are free of charge, if you are presently taking a course with us or, if you have paid for a free access pass. If not, the cost is $5 per outing.

Walking Club

Dogs can socialize, burn their energy, stay socially active, play with friends who want to play. And their owners can meet, socialize, share their canine passion and even spend time on training their come command!

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This activity is practiced on foot, running through our trails with your dog in harness and exerting the same physical work as you. Canicross is the predecessor to skijoring, but now is considered a sport in itself!

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What a great, safe way to exercise your dog! We are offering scheduled outings to introduce you to this sport, to motivate you to practice in a group and to have fun, keeping your pulling dog in shape between canicross and skijoring season!

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Skijoring is a winter sport that gives your team the opportunity to enjoy the chilly season and to stay in shape! With his harness, your dog will learn to pull you on skis or on a sled.

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