Private Courses

Personalized meetings at home or at the training Center for owners who prefer individual attention or whose busy schedules prevent them from coming to class. These private consultations are a good idea for dogs with social problems, such as aggressiveness or anxiety. Specific problems call for particular attention.


We can work on the material you want and you need. Basic commands, trick teaching, walk on the leash, jumping on people… Or work on different issues like barking, whining, mouthing, steeling and guarding stuff, running after the cat, digging, chasing squirrels, cars, eating poop, growling… You tell us what you want and we’ll help you to set reasonable and achievable goals!


Do you want to introduce your dog to a new sport or want to work on issues your having practicing your favorite activity? Does your dog need space, or he is reactive in a class setting and unable to concentrate learning skills? Maybe you should consider private sport classes!

Chosing a Puppy

Proper planning for the arrival of a puppy in the family:

  • Choosing the breed
  • Researching breeders
  • Selecting a puppy

Starter Kit

To start off on the right paw!

  • How to read dogs
  • Introduction to the basic commands
  • Housetraining
  • Appropriate mouthing
  • Crate training
  • Socialization, educational games and toys
  • Walking on leash without pulling
  • Learning the property boundaries
  • Basic grooming

Private classes are all $80/hour


Transportation fees apply for in-home privates