Workshops are organized to give you access to the time and expertise of an instructor in order to practice or improve specific performances, introduce you to a new sport, and broaden or perfect your knowledge of subjects dealing with the health and well-being of your best friend.


Obedience is essential to ensuring good communication within the human-dog team. With obedience, we can establish a common language, build partnership and create bonds.

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Agility is a fun and exciting team sport in which the handler works his dog over a timed obstacle course. Agility training is designed to build confidence and team spirit between man and his best friend.

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Grooming plays an important role in your best friend’s wellbeing and comfort. Learn all the basics!

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First Aid

First-aid is an essential tool when it comes to ensuring your dogs health and comfort, not only can it help prevent illnesses and unexpected conditions from worsening but It can also help save your dogs life.

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Growl Workshop- Reactivity

Do you want to understand why your dog is reactive and how to handle him? Dont miss this workshop that explains the do’s, the dont’s and the why’s behind reactivity in dogs!

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Yoga is a method of relaxation and stretching which focuses largely on the control of respiration that encourages the harmony of body and mind. Doga is the adapted yoga with and for dogs. Practicing Doga promotes the relaxation and the stretching of the canine counterpart but also works on the relationship between human and dog.

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Massage is an excellent way to help relieve pain and stress in your canine friend all the while encouraging you to build and work on your relationship with your dog in a calm and relaxing environment.

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Sports Conditioning

Whether your dog does Agility, Flyball, Tracking, is a Disc dog or is into Dock Diving, we know that in order to keep your pet/athlete around for many years, proper strength, exercise and conditioning is a necessary part of his everyday training. Whether your dog is a beginner or at master’s levels, we will teach new and fun training options to prevent and to reduce the risk of injuries. Two workshops are available; A cavaletti workshop as well as an old dog workshop.

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Disc Dog

Whether you and your dog are alone at the park or at a competition with lots of friends, this exciting and sometimes spectacular sport will spice up your training and your daily outings. Whether you’ve set your sights on competing or simply want to play Frisbee® for fun, it’s an excellent way to work on your dog’s attention and motivation.

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Frisbee Freestyle

Musical canine freestyle with your frisbee, also known as musical freestyle, freestyle dance, and canine freestyle, is a modern dog sport that is a mixture of obedience training, tricks, and dance that allows for creative interaction between dogs and their owners. Fun and artistic!

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Rat Sports

Rat Sports are based on hunting and teamwork skills. Historically, rat catchers with their dogs offered their services to farmers to control vermin thus helping to conserve and preserve their cereals and consequently protect the inhabitants from disease.

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Agility : Invited Pros

In order to stimulate and keep us connected and on top of the developing handling techniques in our sport we will be organizing an agility workshop in 2018!

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The special workshops of the year! Problematic Behavior, Scent Detection, Canicross, Skijoring, Photography and Breeding!

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